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Deepak Jawahar’s practice is a multiple award winning design studio based out of Chennai. His design practice is at the intersection of spatial and product designs, where the emphasis is neither on the formal design of the object nor the space but the performative relationship manifested between them. His works intend to reconstruct defined social forms of interaction, like - Can a simple door hold a spatial experience in itself? Can a humble table connect us instead of being the object in-between? Can we rethink communication and engagement by rethinking the design and purpose of the table? Can a chair change its form and tell us something more about time and memory?

Deepak’s notable recent works include being selected as the Panel Winner, from over 1200 entries from 65 countries for the Lexus Design Awards (LDA) in 2016, Winning the Prototype Award by Godrej Design Lab (GDL) in 2016, Winning the Entry Prize for Natian Cup curated by UED, Beijing in 2018 and being shortlisted for the Red Dot Design Award 2018.

He has also exhibited his works at the Milan Design Week, India Design ID, Intersect Gallery, Tokyo and the German Architecture Museum.

Before founding his design studio, Deepak has worked in many award winning design practices in Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Doha and Shanghai.